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My name is Ny, from Myanmar. I am a SOON reader and a student of accountancy. In my country, an accountancy course costs a lot of money and it is difficult to pass the exams. I did not want to fail my exams at the end of the year and have to do the course over again. I want to tell you how God helped me in my exam.

"I have failed"

One of the exam papers was so difficult that I could not answer the questions. As soon as I got home I told my parents that I would fail. I was very worried and sad. All I could think about was failing the exams. I prayed to God, "Please forgive my mistakes. I haven't answered the questions well. You are the only one who can help me." At once I felt something I had never felt before. Peace filled my whole body. It was as though all the worry was lifted off me. For some days, my mind was at peace about the exam results. Then I began to think that God would not help me because I had not studied enough. He would think I was lazy and did not deserve to pass. All the worry came back. But I knew God is not like that. He loves us, even when we do wrong things. I realised he had not left me.

SOON helped me

One day I got a SOON paper from our library, and read the stories of two SOON readers taking exams. They told how God had helped them to pass. I was so happy. It was as though God was speaking just to me. My friends told me we would soon know the results of our exams. I began to dream that I had failed. But, every time the worry came back into my mind, I told myself I must believe God had helped me. At last the day came for the results of the exam. I went to the internet cafe to find how well I had done. My hands were cold like ice when I touched the computer. But the results were not there. Then suddenly there was justone word on the screen, "Congratulations!" I was so happy, until I realised it was only an advertisement for a school! But was this God speaking to me, showing me I had passed?

"I can do nothing!"

I decided to go home, then went to my room and said to God, "I can do nothing. If you have helped me, I will pass. If not, I won't." Then I remembered words from the Bible that my teacher told me. I looked in the part of the Bible called Psalms. Here it said*, "The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid." I was very happy. God had spoken to me again. I prayed, then went to sleep. The next day I went again to the internet cafe. This time my results were there on the screen in front of me – I had passed! I was so happy I began to shout. My parents were very happy too. We thanked God together that he had helped me.