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We cannot live without water! More than half of our body is made of water. If we do not have enough water in us, our bodies will not work properly. We become'dehydrated', making us ill. There is more water than land covering the Earth. Two gases are joined to make water – two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen. When it is cold (0o degrees Centigrade), it becomes hard ice. When it is very hot (100o C), water turns into steam.

Bad things can get into water which, if we drink it, we may become ill. Many illnesses come from drinking bad water. In many places, water must be boiled to make it safe for drinking. This destroys the bad bugs in the water.

We must have water

Every day we use water – for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning. Without water we will die and so will animals and the food we grow. Many places in the world do not have enough water. The rains do not come at the right time, so that rivers and wells dry up. When trees are cut down and no new ones planted, less rain will fall. Life can be very hard for people living in these places.

The woman at the well

In the Christians' holy book, the Bible, there is a story about a woman whom Jesus Christ met one day, by a water well. Jesus told her he could give her 'living water' and she would never be thirsty again.*

This did not mean that Jesus was going to give the woman magic water. Jesus was talking about the good things he can give us – peace, love, joy, also freedom from our wrong-doing and shame. Jesus' 'well of living water' never dries up. It is not like our wells and rivers when there has been no rain. We can receive 'living water' now and for ever. Just as our bodies need water to live, so we need 'living water' from Jesus. He wants us to ask him for it.

* You can read this story in the New Testament part of the Bible (the Injil), in the Gospel of John chapter 4, from verses 7 to 42.