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Jacqueline comes from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. She is a follower of Jesus and, when she was at school, she belonged to a Christian youth group. She tells us about when she was in junior secondary school:

I was at one of the meetings of my Christian youth group, when we were told that we must not cheat in our school work. That day I made a promise to God that I would never cheat, especially at exams.

In Ghana, before we can go to senior secondary school, we have to pass an exam. I was very worried about this exam, as I was sure I had forgotten most of the things I had learned. Just before the time came for the exam, to my surprise, the headmaster called us to a quiet place. Then he told us the answers to the exam questions! Students started to write the answers on their hands, on their bodies and on paper.

I remembered my promise never to cheat and so I ran away. "You mustn't do this!" I told my friends, but they just laughed at me.

After the exam, we all went home. When I was home, I dreamed that I had failed. Because my parents were poor, they did not have the money to send me to a private school. I would have to stay at home. When I woke up, I was afraid and full of doubt about my exam. "I have failed," I thought.

But I kept on praying to God to take away my fears and doubts. When the results of the exam came, I was surprised to learn that I had one of the best marks possible. I was now able to go to a good government school, which my parents had just enough money to pay for. But I was sad to hear that some of my friends failed, because they did not listen to my advice. All this has helped me to trust God – because I know he is a living God, who helps us when we ask him, and who wants us always to do what is right.