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This true story is by Bless Mawephe a SOON reader  from Malawi

There is a proverb [saying] in my country: "He who leads the upright [someone who does right things] along an evil [bad] path will fall into his own trap."

I did not listen

I want to tell you about something that I did when I was nine years old. What happened that day reminds me of this proverb and how God taught me a lesson through it. My friend Mac and I decided to go to the mountain to pick fruit. When I told my mother what we were going to do, she said, "No, you cannot go there."

I asked her, "Why not? It's a good place to pick fruit."

My mother said, "I know something bad could happen to you. The mountain has many big trees and there are dangerous animals there. I will be worried about you. Use your two ears to listen to what I have said."

But I did not listen to my mother. Mac and I went to the mountain and began to look for fruit, but many were not ripe. Then I saw a big tree full of good fruit, ready for picking. We climbed the tree.

They heard me calling

Soon we had lots of fruit, so we started to climb down. Suddenly I stood on a dry branch. Crack! The branch broke off and I fell. Mac finished climbing down and ran away, leaving me on the ground.

I was hurt and could not move. I began to shout for help. Some hunters nearby heard me calling and found me. One of them knew me and took me to the hospital. Soon my mother came to see me. When she saw my injuries, she cried and cried.

While I was in hospital, I had time to think. I remembered what my mother said to me before Mac and I went to the mountain. Then I knew that because I did not obey, I might have died when I fell.

But God saved me that day. Even though I took Mac to a place where my mother told me not to go, 'on an evil path', and fell into my own trap, God was good to me. I realised that God must love me very much and I have never forgotten the lesson I learned that day.