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Three SOON readers tell their stories of how God helped them

My cancer has gone!   

K Raj, India

I was born in 1972 in a small village in India. Our family was poor, but I was able to go to school and later to college. When I was seven years old, I suffered with cancer in my right leg. The doctors said the only way to take away the cancer was for me to have an operation to remove my leg. This was bad news. My family was very unhappy. Before I had the operation, a woman, who was a follower of Jesus Christ, came to visit me in hospital. She prayed (talked to God) and asked God to take away the cancer. Immediately, God healed me. The cancer was gone. My mother was very happy and became a follower of Jesus. She realised that it was God who healed me and he will also forgive our wrong doing. She joined a prayer group.

One day she felt God was saying to her, "Bring your son to the prayer group. I healed him." I went with her. Soon I became a follower of Jesus too. Today I am well and the cancer has never returned. I now lead a group of Jesus followers and we always thank God for his love and care for us.


Thieves in the night

Oumenou, Benin Republic

In July 1997, I went to stay with my older brother in Nigeria. One night, we were woken by some thieves who came into our compound. They began to steal from the houses around us. We could hear their voices and some gunfire. My brother began to ask God for help. I was shaking with fear and curled up on my bed to make myself small. I was afraid that my life was finished. I thought, "Will I ever go back to my country again?"

My brother was still praying when the thieves came and began to bang hard on our door. I felt as though I was a big piece of ice which is melting in the sun. My fear was so great that I had no strength. The thieves were telling us that, if we did not open the door, they would force their way in. Before they could begin breaking down the door, the chief of the thieves came. We heard him say to them, "This is not the compound I sent you to. Come away from here." At once we knew that God had answered our prayer. Because of him, I am alive today. It was he who sent the thieves away from our door. God's power is the greatest thing there is.

The branch crashed down

Alvin, Kenya

One summer holiday, my friends and I went to the football field to play in a match. The other team were already there, getting ready for the match. We went to  the other side of the field to put on our football kit. We chose a place under a big eucalyptus tree which was shady and cool. We were busy changing our clothes when we heard a big bang. My friends went to see what the noise was. It was a car tyre which had burst. My friends helped the car driver to push her car to the side of the road and Peter, my cousin, called a mechanic to mend the inner tube. All this time I was waiting under the tree. Suddenly someone from the other football team kicked a ball towards the fence near the tree. I ran to fetch the ball for him. I had not run six steps when a very big branch crashed down from the tree. It had fallen from 40 metres up and landed on the exact place where I had been sitting! All our equipment – balls, bags, clothes – were covered by the branch and its leaves. My friends began to cry as they thought I was under the branch too. Then they saw me, carrying the ball that I had fetched from the fence.

It took us a long time to get all our equipment out from under the branch, but I was glad to be alive. I thought, "If I had not helped the boy from the other team, I would have died. God has saved me today."