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Jacques is a follower of Jesus living in Benin, West Africa

One morning I woke up with a bad pain at the top of my leg. I did not think about it again that day. The next morning, I felt it again. It was much worse. I looked to see what was wrong. It was an abscess. It was so bad by now that I began to take tablets to stop the pain. My parents told me to go to the hospital to have it lanced, but I do not like hospitals. I said, "No, I will not go to hospital, but I will pray and ask God to heal it." My parents prayed too.

The pain went

As the days went by, I noticed that the abscess was getting worse. My parents were worried and they did not like to see me suffering. Then a week later, the abscess burst. I was set free from the pain. God heard my prayers and healed me, even without help from the doctors at the hospital. As I thought about what had happened to me, I realised our problems can be like an abscess. When I had the abscess, I was suffering and could not walk without a lot of pain. After it burst, I was free to walk normally again.

When we have a problem in our lives, we are hurting inside. But we can ask God to help us. The more the problem is there, the more we need to talk to God and believe he will help us. Then God will set us free, just as I was set free from the pain that the abscess brought to me. God is our helper in every problem in life.