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 Bonny from Mizoram in India tells his story

I want to tell you something about my life, because what happened to me has taught me an important lesson. I have always known about Jesus Christ because my parents are followers of Jesus. When I was young I followed the things that Jesus taught, and read his words in the Bible. But when I was 13, I started to mix with bad friends and to take drugs made of leaves. The drug is called 'weed' in our country. I was soon addicted to it. Whenever I took the drug, I thought, "I feel good and happy," but this feeling did not last for long. Soon the weed began to harm my body.

They mixed up the drugs

Then other drug addicts tried to make me mad. They mixed other drugs with the weed to make a very strong drug. "Now take this," they said. I felt as though I was having very bad dreams, but I was not asleep. These drugs were very bad for my body and my mind – it seemed as if I was going mad. In these dreams I thought bad things aboutGod: that there was no God, no nothing. I thought, "People 'make up' God in their minds only because they need someone to believe in." These thoughts brought great suffering to my mind, just as the drugs brought suffering to my body. I did not want to do anything. I went to a doctor, but the medicines he gave me did not help. I could find no way out of the trouble I was in.

God helped me

At last I decided to ask God to help me and heal me. I realised I must ask him to forgive me for all my wrong thoughts and for not doing the things I had learned when I was a child. When I did this, God helped me at once. He gave me strength to live without weed. God showed me that he loves me very much. Even though I had turned away from all I learned about him when I was a child, he helped me. Now I believe the words that Jesus Christ said, "God loved the world so very, very much, that he gave his only son. Because he did that, everyone who believes in him will not lose life, but will live for ever."*

*You can find these words in the New Testament part of the Bible (called the Injil), in the Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 16.