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This story has been made up. It was sent to us from Portia Biakye from Ghana.

Mother was very worried as her ten-year-old son Mwai limped to the breakfast table. She thought of the terrible time two years ago when he was ill with polio. He had not died, but his legs had become as thin as his arms. He would never walk easily again. She had another worry too. There was a dangerous buffalo wandering near where they lived.

What if we meet the buffalo?

"Mother, what will happen if we meet the buffalo on the way to school?" Mwai asked as he finished his food. This was what was worrying his mother too, but she said, "Don't be afraid. God will be with you to keep you safe."

Mother took the empty plate from in front of Mwai and tried not to sound worried, saying, "They say in the village that hunters chased the buffalo to the other side of the mountain yesterday."

"Are you sure, mother, that God will be with me to keep me safe?" asked Mwai.

"Yes, you will be quite safe."

"You know, Mother, I can't run like my friends can," said Mwai as he limped to the door.

On the way to school

"As you walk to school, talk to God (pray) and ask him to keep you safe," his mother said, as she stood by the door and waved to him. Tears ran down her face when she saw him limp down the path and join his friends on their way to school. "I dreamed it chased two boys," said one of Mwai's friends. His voice shook as he spoke because he was so afraid. "That is not a good dream," Mwai answered. "Hey, Mwai, what if we meet the buffalo? How are you going to run?" the biggest boy in the group asked unkindly. He looked at Mwai and laughed. By now all the other boys were very afraid. At that moment a small boy whispered, "There is a big animal behind us." All the boyslooked round. It was the buffalo.

Left behind

"Aah, aah!" shouted the big boy very loudly. This frightened the animal. It turned and threw itself at the boys. They ran towards the school. But Mwai was left behind. He tried to run too, but his friends were already near the school and safety. "Please help!" he screamed.

Then he remembered his mother's words and began to pray. He could see the buffalo coming towards him. Quickly Mwai hid behind a nearby tree. His head felt as though it was spinning around. Then everything went black and he fainted. At last he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was an old man with a spear. On the ground was the buffalo. "You are very fortunate," the old man said, pointing his spear at the dead animal. "I came just in time to see the buffalo crash against the tree. Then I killed it."

Later Mwai told his mother all that had happened. "All I did was pray. Then the buffalo crashed against the tree. The man saw it and killed it. God really did keep me safe." Mwai learned that day that he could ask God to help him when he was in trouble. He found that God was with him, even though Mwai could not see him.

In the Christians' holy book, the Bible, there is a special promise that Jesus Christ gave to his friends, "Remember, I am with you always, even to the end of time."* Have you found this promise to be true?

*You can find these words in the book of the Bible called the gospel of Matthew, chapter 28, verse 20.