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This is a story with a meaning (parable) sent to us by Maurice Sabuchinu from Zambia. It teaches us that we should share with other people, even if we only have very little. God sees what we do and he gives to us far more than we can ever give to others. He helps us in our lives and gives us his joy and peace if we ask him.

Kwamba studied at school, but when he wanted to study at college he did not have any money to pay the fees for the course. He did everything he could to get money. He went to houses and work-places to ask for work, but no-one could give him a job.

Kwamba's very small coin

One day Kwamba was going from house to house when he came to a cafe. He had just one small coin in his pocket and, as he was hungry, he went into the cafe. There he saw a very thin old man with his son. He could see they had not eaten anything for many days. The man asked Kwamba if he would give them money for food. At once, Kwamba took the coin out of his pocket and went to buy food for the man and his son. After they had eaten, the man thanked Kwamba and told him of a place where he would find an envelope. When he found it, he must look inside and keep what he found there.

Kwamba's reward

Kwamba did what the man told him. He found the envelope. Inside was an old coin which he put in his pocket, just as the man had told him. Then he went on his way again, looking for work. As he passed a shop window, he saw an advertisement asking if anyone had a very special old coin. It was worth a lot of money. The advertisement showed a picture of the coin.

Kwamba took his coin from his pocket and looked at it. It was the same as the one in the picture! He went inside the shop and showed his coin to the man there, who looked at it carefully. He called the manager who told Kwamba that he would pay him a lot of money for his coin. Now Kwamba had enough to pay the college fees, but before he did anything else, he went back to the cafe to thank the old man. He was no longer there, but the cafe owner said the man had left a note for Kwamba.

This is what was written in the note: "My son, I was hungry and thirsty and you gave me food to eat and water to drink. You gave me the little that you had. I rewarded you. Now go and find work to help others."