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This is a true story by Tsegahun from Ethiopia:

One day, when I was thirteen years old, I went with my father to the river. He was washing the clothes, so I went to play with my friends. We played on the stones near the river, but we did not notice that they were wet and slippery.

I slipped and fell

Suddenly I slipped and fell into a very deep part of the river. The force of the water quickly pushed me down the river away from the place where my father was washing clothes. My friends shouted, "Tsegahun has fallen into the river."

My father thought quickly, "How can I get my son? I must jump into the river myself to save him."

He jumped in and caught me in his arms. Picking me up, he pulled me out.At once he gave me artificial respiration and soon I was breathing again. He thanked God for helping him to save me that day when I nearly drowned. I too will always be grateful to God and am glad to be alive.