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My name is Abazu. I am a SOON reader from Nigeria. I am alive today because God saved me from death some years ago.

I was hardly able to breath

One Thursday evening, when I was six years old, I was on my own eating my dinner of yam porridge. Suddenly I swallowed a piece of yam which got stuck in my throat. I could not shout or call anyone. I struggled to get the yam out of my throat, but it was no good. I fell to the ground, hardly able to breath. Then my mother came into the room and saw me. At once she called some of our neighbours. One of them said I should be taken to hospital, but there was no time. I was in danger of death.

My mother and our neighbours cried out, "God please save him." By this time the pupils in my eyes were disappearing into the back of my eye-sockets. I thought I was going to die. Then something happened – the yam which was stuck at the back of my throat began to melt away, and my eyes returned to normal. I was alive!

From that day, I have always been thankful to God for saving my life.