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Most of us will never see an iceberg. Our seas are too warm. But in the far north and south of the world, the areas called the 'polar regions', it is very cold so the seas are full of these blocks of ice. Icebergs are made when very big frozen blocks break away from the ice-covered land or from big ice rivers. They can be seen floating in the water, looking like big white mountains. Only a very small part of an iceberg is seen above the water, so it is dangerous for ships to be near icebergs. The sailors cannot see how much ice there is below the water. The ship could very easily hit the hidden part.

The ship that hit an iceberg

In 1912, a very famous new ship called the Titanic sailed from England to America. The ship builders were very proud of this ship. They said it was so well made it could never sink. But the Titanic hit an iceberg before it reached America. It was so badly damaged that it did sink and 1,500 people died.

The tip of the iceberg

There is a saying in some countries: 'the tip of the iceberg'. Just as only the tip (the small top part) of an iceberg can be seen above the water, so we often do not see or know all about things that are happening. If there is trouble, we may only see a small part of it. It is the same with us. Other people, even our families, only see a part of what we are. They do not know what we are thinking or how we really feel. But there is someone who knows everything about us. God sees into our minds. He knows our thoughts and feelings. He made us and knew all about us even before we were born. He understands the bad things that other people have done to us, the things that we cannot tell anyone because we feel ashamed. He knows all about these fears and worries. He understands and wants to heal us. The Christian's holy book, the Bible, tells us, "You (God) know everything I do; … you understand my thoughts."*

Someone who knows us

If we think that the Creator-God knows so much about us, we might feel afraid of him. But he is also a loving God who wants us to love him as a wonderful father. He showed just how much he loves us when he sent Jesus Christ into the world to free us from wrong-doing (sin) and from shame. God's law says that the punishment for sin is death. Even though he never did anything wrong, Jesus was killed to take our punishment. It must have made God very sad, to see Jesus dead. But that was not the end. Three days later Jesus came alive again. He was stronger than death and now he lives for ever. This shows how much God wants us to know and love him. He forgives and gives hope to anyone who asks him.

* You will find these words in the Bible in the part called Psalms, number 139 verse 2. If you have a Bible, you can read more of what God knows about us in the rest of Psalm 139.