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These stories tell of how God looks after us in times of trouble. He saves us from danger...

Bekinbo from Rivers State, Nigeria writes:

My bed was on fire

This story happened when we lived in a building made of wood with a concrete floor. We had no electricity, so we used a lantern for light. The roof leaked in many places when it rained. It was not a good place to live. One Friday I woke suddenly in the middle of the night. The bedding I was sleeping on was burning. I had woken in time to put out the flames.

I found that my mosquito coil, that I used to stop the mosquitoes biting me and my children, was the reason for the fire. It was too near the lantern, which made the whole coil burn all at once. If I had not woken, the fire would have killed me and my family and destroyed the whole building. I thank God for looking after us and waking me at just the right time.


Ermias, a university student in Ethiopia writes:

I nearly drowned

"It was on September 25, my friends and I went to the Ampolo River in the southern part of our country. None of us was able to swim properly, but we all went into the river. As soon as I tried to swim, I went under the water. The powerful moving current pushed me back up and I shouted. Many times I called out, "Jesus, help me."

My friends screamed too, but they could not pull me out of the river to safety. At last, just before it was too late for me, a farmer came. He was strong enough to pull me from the water. God heard me when I called out to him and sent someone to save me."


Nkem is also a student. He is from Imo State, Nigeria. Here is his story:

Gun-shots in the night

God saved our lives when it seemed impossible. It was examination time. One night I woke in the early hours of the morning to study for my exams. As I was reading, I heard an explosion very close to our room.

I was afraid

I was very surprised, but I went on with my reading because I wanted to do my very best in the exam. As I read, I heard whispering close to my window. Then I was afraid. I thought, 'Some bad people are passing through the girls' dormitory, they must be the ones who caused the explosion.'

I put off the light and began to pray to God. I asked him to protect all of us in the dormitories.

Before I finished praying, I heard gun shots which continued for some time. I prayed more and was able to sleep after this.The next morning, we heard what had happened. Thieves raided the school, but they did not cause any harm in the boys' or girls' dormitories, even though they passed very close. However, they did attack one of the teachers. The police came and he was taken to hospital.

I thank God that the teacher did not die even though he was beaten and shot. I also thank God that all the students were safe.