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My name is Prince and I come from Assam, India. One night I had a dream where I heard a person telling me to stop a train crash.

The rails looked wrong

My house was near the railway and every morning, I walked along by the side of the railway line. One day I saw that the points had been moved and the rails were in a different position from usual. This would make the train go down the wrong line and crash. I knew that bad people living nearby must have done this.

Then I remembered my dream. I decided to tell the police and the railway managers. As I was about to run back to tell them, I saw a train coming fast along the track. I was very frightened as I was sure an accident would happen and many people would be killed. Quickly, I decided I must stop the train and save the people.

I waved my shirt

I took off my shirt and held it up, waving it as though it was a flag. The train driver saw it from a long way down the railway line. He knew something must have happened, so he stopped the train. He asked me what the trouble was.

I told him that the position of the rails was different from every other day and I knew something was wrong. The driver hugged me because I saved him and all the other people on the train. He saw at once that there would have been a terrible accident.

I know it was not me but Jesus Christ, who told me in my dream this was going to happen. So it was God who saved many people from injury or death.