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"My name is Faith, from Moshi in Tanzania. I am now nineteen years old, but from the day I was born until I was seventeen, I never met my father.

He is alive

My mother told me that my father ran away when she was pregnant. He said he was going to work as a doctor in one of the big cities and he would write a letter when he arrived. He never wrote. "I know your father is alive," my mother said, "But I don't know where he is. Ask God to let you see your father." At the same time she was tellingme this, my father was already keeping another family of his own. But I did not know this and I asked God (prayed) and believed that one day I would see him.

At camp

In 2004 I went to some special Christian meetings. All the people who went stayed in a camp together because the meetings lasted for several days. The man who was speaking at the camp told us to pray for three things that were important to us. One of the things I prayed for was to see my father. Then the speaker said that we must do what we can to see God answer our prayers. So, after the camp, I wrote a letter to a radio station. I asked them to say that if my father was listening, would he write to me.

A very special day

Three months later, I received a letter from my father. I was very happy to hear from him. Then, on 11 September 2004, he came to my school to see me. I will never forgetthat day. We were overjoyed to see each other. In our area the custom is that, as father, he has to thank my mother for caring for me. Instead, he ran away again. He wrote another letter to me, but then I heard nothing more.

I am your father!

I asked God, "Why is my father like that?" God spoke to me in my mind and said, "I am your father and will take care of you." From that day, God has kept his promise to me. He has brought people to us who paid for my education and helped my mother and me. I am living a happy life because I know God, my special father, is looking after me. I lost my human father, but our father in heaven has given us all we need."