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My name is Christine. I am a teacher in Kumasi, Ghana, where I have been working for 33 years. When I was young, I became a Christian. Jesus Christ changed my life when I asked him to forgive me for all the wrong things I had done. Since then I have trusted him to look after me and help me.

Something moved

One day I was writing my teaching notes in my house. I got tired, so I went outside for a walk in the garden. I stood for some time looking into the sky. Suddenly I felt something moving under my left foot. There I saw a dark brown, short, fat snake. The tail of the snake was thrashing about, but where was its head? I looked down and saw I was treading on it. Its head was being pressed firmly by the bone which joins my big toe to my foot, so that the snake was helpless.

Safe from hurt

I quickly jumped and the snake moved away, just as quickly. I stood and thanked God for saving me from trouble. I remembered that in the Bible, Jesus promised his followers that if they walk on snakes they will not be hurt because he is looking after them."*

* You can find these words in the part of the Bible called the Gospel of Luke, chapter 10, verse 19.