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I am Ashok from India. This is a true story about something that happened to me:

My friends were jealous

I was a very good student, and always did well in my exams. This made my friends so jealous that they decided to do something that would hurt me. They made up bad stories about me and told everyone. Even my father believed that what they said was true.

My friends' plan was successful. Not only my father, but all the people who loved me, turned against me and started to hate me. I became depressed. I did not know what to do. Everything went wrong for me – I failed my exams and nobody liked me or talked to me. I tried to tell them the truth, but no-one believed me. It was as though I had become a villain. I was all alone.

I heard a noise

One evening, I was walking along a lonely path. Suddenly I heard some noise. I followed the sound until I was near enough to hear what was happening. The noise was made by a crowd of people. I realised they were Christians and were talking about someone named Jesus Christ. They began talking to him even though I could not see him there! They called him "Father God".

They were also saying how their God helps poor people who love him. They did not know I was there, but I heard all they said. I went home and that night I had a dream. In my dream I saw the same crowd of people that I had seen that evening. They were telling me about Jesus Christ. When I woke up I was surprised and asked myself, "Why have I seen the same crowd?"

My dream made me want to find out more about Jesus.

Now I am rich

That day I went to find a place where Christians meet. There I found a man who told me to talk to Jesus Christ (pray) and ask him to help me find a way out of my troubles. I prayed often over the next few days. Suddenly everything changed. All the people I knew realised that they had believed lies about me. Even my father changed what he thought about me. I began to be successful again in my studies – I became very happy. Jesus Christ changed my life.

Now I am rich, not with power and money, but with the peace and love that Jesus can give us. This is the only way to be happy. God used my dream to show me how I could find real peace and happiness.