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This is the story of what happened to Sanjeet*, a SOON reader in Nepal

"My name is Sanjeet, from Eastern Nepal. As a child, my parents taught me to worship idols and to believe in their power. At one time I had a wound in my leg. I tried to treat it with medicines, but it would not heal. I spent three thousand rupees (a lot of money in our country) for different cures, but nothing made it any better. My family and I felt disappointed and sad.

A new friend

While I was studying at college, I often went to the canteen when I was not having lessons. One day a Christian man came and sat beside me. He told me about the Creator God and how he sent his son, Jesus Christ, to the world. I asked him, 'Who is this Jesus Christ?'

He explained that he is the living God who wants all people to know and love him. He came to the world so that we can know about God's love and he died to take the shame and punishment for all our wrong doings. That was not the end of him – he came alive again after three days and is alive today. He wants to forgive our wrong doings and give us a new start. He will be our friend for ever.

Suddenly I understood what he was saying to me. I asked Jesus to forgive me and be my friend. After a few days, I realised that Jesus Christ was working in my life. Slowly the wound on my leg was being healed. At last I was healthy again. I know I have had a new beginning in the world, and that Jesus has rescued me and given me a new life.

* Sanjeet is not his real name