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  • Laughter sometimes helps, but if we have real problems we need real help.

The illusion page

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True stories

  • about what really happened

On the radio

A Zimbabwean soldier was listening to the FEBA radio station. He wrote to FEBA's Zimbabwe programme presenter, Gift Mabhaudhi: "It was when I was listening to your radio programme, when you were speaking about peace – I started to think more about my life. I am afraid to die, because I don't have peace with God. I want to turn to God and be his child."

In a film

Two brothers in the Democratic Republic of Congo were fighting, near to the place where a film was being shown. One of the men, Amboko* ran to find a knife to kill his brother, when he noticed that people in the film were fighting with knives. So he stopped – to learn the best way to use a knife! But the film was the story of Nicky Cruz, a gang-leader in New York. It told how Nicky's life was changed right around when he found God's love. By the end of the film, Amboko had forgotten about wanting to kill his brother. He was crying, and asked the person showing the film to pray for him. Amboko asked Jesus to forgive him and change him. * not his real name

From a book

Harish Patel and some friends have a market book-stall in Southall (Britain). One day, a man aged 86, Mr Singh, came to visit the book-stall. They gave him a free book called Consider Jesus. One thing in the book made him think. He told Harish later, "Jesus promises life forever after death! I read this in that book: 'Jesus said, I am the one who will raise people up and give them life. The person who believes in me will live, even though he has died. Anyone who is living and who believes in me will never really die.'*"

Mr Singh then said, "I have never heard anyone else in all my life say anything like this. Not in all my 86 years. Of all other great people and their teachings, no-one has said anything like this."

All his life, Mr Singh had wanted to be free from the circle of dying and returning as another person or animal (called 'reincarnation'). Now, in these words of Jesus, he saw the way to be free from these things. "I knew Jesus' words of promise were strong and real. Truly, only he can give life because he is the 'Mukti Data'['person who rescues us']. I wanted him to be my 'Mukti Data'."

*You can read this in the Bible's book called John, chapter 11, verses 25–26

On the internet

Kasia lives in Poland. She writes, "One August night in 2004, I started talking with somebody on the Internet. This was the beginning of changes in my life. He started talking to me about the Bible, and asked me questions I could not answer. He told me to read some webpages in my language. I sent emails to those web-sites asking for help."

Replies came, and Kasia continued to ask questions, read a Bible, and talk to God. Finally, one of her internet friends asked her if she was ready to ask God to forgive her, and give every part of her life to him. "I did that! My life has changed since then. I'm very happy and I know for sure that Jesus loves me and leads me. He takes care of me and helps me when I am attacked by evil things."