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Amos lives in an area of Kenya where there has been conflict between two communities, the Kisii and the Luo peoples. At times, each stole cows from the other group. One day, Amos and his brothers met some Luo men. Their cows had been stolen by his community, the Kisii people. Here is his story:

Our father used to wake us around 4:00am every morning for work, because our garden was about one kilometre from home. Our job was to take our cows to graze and then to work in the garden. We could not move One night, some people from our community stole cows from the Luo people, but we did not know this. The next day, as we were on our way to the garden with our cows, we met some Luo men looking for the stolen cows. When they saw us with cows, they thought these were the stolen ones! They began to run towards us with their spears and other weapons. We were so frightened, we could not turn and run away, we could not even move. I thought, 'This is the end of our lives.' We just stood and waited for what would happen next.

Fear left us

Then something wonderful happened. As they ran towards us, they suddenly stood still – as though an electric fence had stopped them. My eldest brother was able to explain to them what we were doing and they went on their way. The fear left us. At that time I did not know God, so I did not realise that it was he who had saved us from being harmed or even killed.

But the very next day, I heard a man speaking about God on my neighbour's radio. He said that God can rescue us and take away our fear from us. I remembered what had happened the day before. I asked myself, 'Who is this God who helps us without being paid? This is the God I want to know.'

Many people hear about God by listening to the radio. Amos realised by what he heard that it was God who had helped him. Maybe you could listen to Christian radio programmes and find a new way of living.