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Sanjit* helps people in prisons, schools and villages in his area of India. His family was Christian, but when he grew up, he learnt that being born in a Christian family did not make him a real Christian. He found that he needed to trust Jesus Christ for himself – and ask Jesus to change his life and be his friend. Here is his story:

I was born in 1973 into a Christian family. When I was a child, I went to Christian meetings because I followed my parents' religion. I did not know then, that to be a real Christian I needed to know Jesus Christ as my friend and helper. As I grew up, I stopped going to church.

Many tears

After I completed Class 12, I was chosen to do a college course. I went to live in a hostel. Every night, students came back to the hostel and were violent because they had drunk too much alcohol (strong drink). It was a hard time for me. They beat me every day and made fun of me with unkind words, trying to make me do things I knew were wrong. I did not do the things they wanted me to do – but even so, there was no peace in my heart. Every night I cried many tears. I asked God to help me and I started to go to Christian meetings again, looking for help. I talked with Christians, but no-one told me how I could find peace and joy in my life by knowing Jesus Christ.

Bullied again

Then I was chosen to study engineering at another college. There too, the other students bullied me, saying words that hurt me. While I was there, I joined a group of Christians in the college. At last I heard how I could know Jesus Christ for myself. They explained how he wants to be our friend and can help us in all our troubles.

In April 1991, I asked Jesus to be my friend. I realised that going to Christian meetings was not enough. I needed to ask him to forgive me for all the wrong thoughts and all the wrong things I had done, and to give me a new start. My life began to change as I read what God said in the Bible (the Christians' holy book). I knew that he was speaking to me in my mind as I talked with him.

I found it was not enough for me to have parents who are Christians. I also needed to ask for God's forgiveness for myself, and to ask him to be my friend. The other students still bullied me but God helped me with my problems."

* Sanjit is not his real name.