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Every 40 seconds, someone somewhere in the world kills themself ('commits suicide'). Every three seconds, someone tries to, but does not succeed. Here are some of the reasons why people wish to die:
● feelings of failure – not being able to do something as well as you want to, or your family expect you to;
● feeling that you do not matter, that no-one loves you;
● losing the friendship of a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife;
● the death of a person who was very close to you;
● sexual or physical abuse, rape or other problems. You may feel you cannot talk to someone else about these things, so you hide them in your mind;
● feeling guilty about something you have done;
● money problems and debt;
● alcohol or drugs can work in your mind and make it seem easier to die;
All these things may also lead us into the illness of depression.

Suicide is forever

There is no way to change your mind, once you have killed yourself. Ask for help quickly. Talk about your problems to someone – a friend, or maybe a doctor or nurse. Men find it much more difficult to talk about problems than women. This is why many more men than women kill themselves.

Happy to still be alive

Jerry (19) tried to kill himself, but now he writes: "I was very close to death at one point, but I'm really happy to still be alive. Sure, I have moments of darkness and doubts about myself and my future, and then they pass."

You should live, not die

Some Christians arranged meetings in Surabaya (Indonesia) to tell people the good news about Jesus. The person speaking in the meeting felt that God told him some words to say: "There is a businessman here who wants to commit suicide in the next three days. You have planned it to look like an accident. You have already said good-bye to your family, but the Lord says, 'You should live, not die!'" There was such a man in the meeting – and he changed his plans when he heard of God's love for him.

Sara's story

As a girl, Sara suffered violence from her mother. Also she was sexually abused by a boy in her street, but she did not dare to tell anyone about this. At the age of 14, she began to think that her mother did not love her, and that no-one would ever care for her. She tried to kill herself with medical drugs. In the next few years, she had many more problems – she was using drugs and aborted her unborn baby. She tried again to kill herself when she was 18. One day, she was watching a film about Jesus. At the very end, the actor who was playing the part of Jesus spoke the words, "Don't be afraid, I will be with you always, even until the end of the world."*

What happened next changed Sara's life forever. It was as if the real Jesus Christ was in her room, speaking to her directly. She suddenly realized and understood that Jesus was real, God was real, and that she would never have to be alone again. She remembered all the things from her past life – the bad things she had done, the good things she had not done, and also the abuse she had suffered. She felt so bad she kneeled by her bed, asking God to forgive her. Her life slowly began to change from that day.

Mending broken people

God understands the pain and problems we feel. We do not need to face these things all alone. We can find healing from sex abuse, fear, guilt, feeling no good or alone. He is the mender of people who feel as though they are broken.

*You can read these words in the Bible's book called Matthew, chapter 28, verse 20.