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Raj* wanted revenge. He gave his whole life to acts of violence for eleven years. Many years ago, his family was tortured and killed by a group of government soldiers in his country of Sri Lanka.

The horrible memories of his parents' murder kept coming into his mind. So, to try and wipe out the memories, he joined the Tamil Tigers - a strong fighting group with the money to buy powerful weapons. They want to set up an independent government in their part of Sri Lanka, and hate anyone who tries to stop their plans.

Trained to kill

The Tamil Tigers trained Raj to kill. They also taught him all their ideas. "Now I can have my revenge on those men who killed my mother and father," he thought. Soon he was a killer, known for his great cruelty. This was the way he lived for those eleven years. But although he killed many people, Raj's desire to have revenge never left him. He also felt empty and alone, even though he had many Tiger friends around him.

 Strange words

One day Raj was with his group of Tigers, when a man from the nearby village came to him. The man spoke kind but strange words to Raj — about God's love and a Saviour who had died to take the guilt and punishment for the wrong done by all people everywhere. Raj was angry. What could this man know about death and punishment, which Raj did not know already? Raj had not done wrong things, had he? He told the man to leave, saying he would kill him. But the man would not stop telling him about God's love. Every day he came back, showing him what was written in the Bible. Raj pretended not to listen, but often, at the camp in the evening, he thought about what the man had said. The words came to him again and again.


After meeting the man for many months, Raj asked God to forgive all the wrong in his life. He wanted to become a Christian, even though he knew that he must leave the Tamil Tigers, and they would try to kill him for leaving. He escaped from the Tigers and went to Colombo, the capital city. There he found other Christians who helped him to learn more about God and his son, Jesus. At last he had a new life, new friends and peace in his life. He knew God was getting him ready to tell the Tamil Tigers about all that Jesus could do for them.

* Raj is not his real name.