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True stories

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A group of friends was driving into a small village in Northern India when their car bumped into something. They stopped and found they had driven over a cobra snake two meters long. When they arrived in the village, they asked the people what they believed. "Each morning, a large cobra comes to the village. We feed it and worship it."

The friends (who were followers of Jesus) told the village people, "That means we probably ran over your god this morning. Let us tell you about the Maker of the snake — and of us all."

When they learned about the God who had made them, the village people decided that same day to follow Jesus. They made this choice, even though people in other villages would not be pleased about it.

Can a god really die?

How can God die? It seems impossible — and in one way it is, because only living things made by God can die. But no living thing has a life with enough value to pay for all the wrong in the world. So God chose to be born into this world as a man — Jesus — and to die as a criminal, though he did nothing wrong. The death of Jesus is like a kidnap price, paid to rescue us. Jesus changed places with us.1 You were not bought with silver or gold money, which can spoil. You were bought with blood that is worth much more.2

What sort of god do you want?

Some people choose sport or money as their god. Others have gods that seem angry and make them afraid, or are far away and never help them at all. If you could choose a god, what would he be like? What would be on your list?

"I want a god that loves and accepts me. Someone who understands how I feel, because he has suffered the same things."

"I need his help with difficult things in life."

"Someone who will forgive and forget the wrong things I have done."

"A god who is close to me, like a friend that I can talk to."

"Someone like a real mum and dad to me."

"A god that takes away my fear and gives me a reason for living."

"Someone who can change me on the inside."

Surprise, surprise! Jesus is all of these things

The God who is man, the man who is God, wants you as his best friend. Wow!

1) These words come from the Bible, in the 1st letter to the Galatians, chapter 3 verse 13.

2) These words come from the Bible, in the 1st letter from Peter, chapter 1, verse 18.