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"We will never let our friendship come to an end, no matter what happens."

These song words come from India's most popular film ever, Sholay, made in 1975. It brings together all the things that people like – an exciting story, fighting, love, sadness, popular music and beautiful photography. There was great acting from India's best film stars (with Sanjeev Kumar as Thakur, Dharmendra as Veeru, Amitabh Bachchan as Jaidev, Amjad Khan as Gabbar and Hema Malinia as Basanti). In fact a second (sequel) Sholay film is now planned!

Help to catch someone evil

The story begins when ex-policeman Thakur Baldev Singh asks two men to help him catch the dangerous and evil Gabbar Singh. This is the start of many adventures for these two heroes, Veeru and Jaidev.

In one scene, Gabbar's men attack a village. Veeru and Jaidev need help to protect the village, and they get it from the beautiful Basanti, a brave women driving a horse-drawn carriage. Together they fight the men away.

Soon, Veeru falls in love with Basanti. When he goes to meet her one evening, he finds that she is captured by Gabbar's men. Jaidev helps Veeru to rescue the girl, but he is badly hurt. Telling Veeru to take the girl to safety, he blows up a bridge and kills most of the enemy. Veeru returns to find his friend dying. Now that the evil Gabbar has no men to help him, he is caught by Thakur. Veeru is so sad about losing his friend that he decides to leave the town for ever, on a train. But there is a beautiful ending – in the train waiting for him, is his girl, Basanti.

The message for us

 The film is wonderful and exciting, but if we take time to think, it has another message for us. We can see how Thakur's wish to defeat Gabbar is the like God's fight against evil and wrongdoing. Jaidev chooses to give his life to defeat evil and save Basanti. Then Veeru is able to have a loving relationship with her. In the same way, Jesus gave his life so that we can be friends with God. This friendship is so special that the Bible says it is the same as marriage.'