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This is a true story from F Ngulube, a SOON reader from Malawi, about how he learned that God loves us and wants us to show love to other people.

I tried to give him 20 cents

I was working in the office of a small security company in Blantyre, the capital city of Malawi. One morning, as I was on my way to work, I met a friend who had no job. He asked me for some money to buy something to eat.

I only had two coins in my pocket, one was 20 cents and the other was 50 cents. I knew if I gave the money away I would not have enough to buy my lunch on that day. But I decided to give him the 20c coin, even though I did not want to do so. As I tried to take the coin out of my pocket, I took the 50c instead. I could not change the coin as my friend saw what I had done, so I gave him the 50 cents. I was not happy because I wanted all the money for myself!

Have lunch on me!

When I reached my office, even before I sat down, a security guard came running to me with 100 cents in his hand. He said, "Sir, please help yourself to lunch with this money."

It was twice as much as I had given to my friend. I did not know why the guard gave me the money, but I realised it was a miracle from God. He gave to me even though I had given unwillingly to my friend. God loves us even when we do not love him – and he wants us to love other people by being kind to them even if we do not want to.