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Watching a film changed Kentaro's life. It happened when he was a student living far away from his family and home. Five years earlier, when he was studying at a university in his own country of Japan, Kentaro met some Christians. He was impressed with all that they told him about Jesus and taught him about the Bible.

Kentaro lost contact

After he finished his course at university, he married and soon they had a baby daughter. At this time he lost all contact with his Christian friends. Five years after he had finished his university course, he went for further studies in Sheffield, England. His wife and daughter stayed in Japan.

While he was studying, his wife became ill. They were both worried. Kentaro became friends with a Christian man in Sheffield. His new friend invited him to see a film in Japanese, along with other students from Japan. The film was called Jesus and was about the life of Jesus. He learned that Jesus was a friend to people who were sad and lonely. He healed sick people and helped them. He was killed by the rulers of that time but he did not stay dead. Three days after he died, he came back to life again. Now he is alive in heaven. As he watched the film, Kentaro remembered the things he heard from his Christian friends in Japan. "The film reminded me of many things I used to read in the Bible," he says.

He saw how Jesus told the people not to worry, he would take care of them. As Kentaro thought about his wife, he realised Jesus could help her. Kentaro began to study the Bible again with his new Christian friends. They answered his questions gently and did not force him to accept their ideas. On 12 March 2000, Kentaro began to tell people that he now believed Jesus was his special friend. The film had showed him that this was possible. He knew that Jesus would help his sick wife too, even though she was far away in Japan. He now says, "I am very sure that I have been led to Jesus and I can ask God for my family to be led to Jesus too."

Others say …

Malawi: the Jesus film was shown one time in a field of maize stalks. Two young men saw the film, then one said, "We have killed many people, young and old, ever since we began practising witchcraft. We ask Jesus to forgive us and make in us a new heart."

A city in South Asia: a police inspector writes, "My wife and I were very happy to see the Jesus film. We were convinced and now believe that Jesus suffered for our sins."

A village in Southeast Asia: "A group came into my village to show the Jesus film. One night, I went and watched secretly from the back. I saw how Jesus, a sinless man and God, suffered for all men. God changed me and I shouted with a loud voice, 'Jesus, have mercy on me, I am a sinner.'"

Chile: 65-year-old Luisa writes, "My biggest desire was to kill myself. I went to the Jesus film without much hope. I began to watch the film in the open air. Now I feel happiness and I want to live, but in a different way. I am still poor but I have hope that Jesus helps me each moment."