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This story is told by Essential Udo Ukpe, Nigeria.

"We arrest you! We know you killed that man!" the police shouted at me that day.

"I did not kill him!" I cried back at them.

But the police would not listen to what I had to say. "We know you killed him," the police kept saying.

So I found myself in prison. Then later they brought me before a judge. "We accuse this man of murder," the police told the judge.

And they considered I should be punished by death. Then six false witnesses stood up. They said we know Essential killed the man. However I was not the only man accused of this murder. Another man was also accused.

Now the judge, after hearing what I said, turned round and said, "Essential Ukpe, I find you not guilty. You can go home. You are free."

Then the judge turned to the other accused man and said, "I find you guilty of that murder."

So they took him away to be hanged.

I was interested

During the time I stayed in prison, someone gave me a copy of a SOON paper to read. Now I was interested to read how the lives of people were changed. I read how these people escaped from the control of their bad selfish desires. So I decided, "I will find out more about what these people say God can do for us."

I wrote to SOON for the Bible Study Course. I then studied what the Bible says God can do for us. I also spoke to God. I asked Him, "Please forgive all my wrong doing. I believe Jesus Christ allowed those men to kill him as punishment for my sin."

Do you know, I then found God delivered me from the problem of that angry voice inside me.

So I encouraged others in that prison to also study the SOON Bible courses. Now when I got out of prison, I arranged a SOON Readers Club. I now enjoy helping other people obtain the forgiveness of their sins and find the power of God's Spirit to control their lives.