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  • Laughter sometimes helps, but if we have real problems we need real help.

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"Many people in my Russian city have lost their jobs. They used to build tanks for the army. All that has stopped," says Elena from Russia. She adds, "We need people in Russia who will start new businesses."

However she tells that some people in Russia are becoming very rich. But many people remain very poor. We agree that just laws should be made and people made to obey them. Rich people should be made to pay more taxes so that the Russian Government has more money to help poor people.

If only rich people thought differently in every country of the world, how different the world would be.

Is there a way?

Do you know why Jesus Christ came into this world? You should know what He came to make it possible for us to receive. He saw we all have a problem. He came to help us with this problem .You may know that God gave a man called Moses just laws to help us with our problems.

But through Jesus Christ coming into this world, it is possible for us all to receive more than help. We can receive a changed nature. The life stories in SOON tell you how people all over the world are finding this new nature.

A famous man called John Wesley discovered that, when his nature changed in this way, he wanted to be generous. He decided, "I will give nine-tenths of my weekly income to meet the needs of poor people."

After this happened he lived an exciting life. He saw God help him to live on just one-tenth of his income. He was the founder of the Wesleyan or Methodist Church, and brought spiritual revival across Britain and many other countries.