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by Jensen Kabilo, Malawi

Blood! Yes there was blood all around me! It was gushing out of the dead bodies there beside me on the ground. You can imagine the strong smell of blood that there was in the air.

You see, we had been travelling that day in a lorry packed with people, when suddenly the accident happened. As I sat there, it was difficult to recognise the lorry, it was so badly smashed. Everything was deathly quiet. Nothing moved. "Am I the only one left alive?" I asked myself.

I was unhurt

Also, as I sat there, I realised something else - I could feel no pain. I saw some people coming towards me. I saw they were policemen. They looked at all the dead bodies. Then I could see they were surprised to see that I was alive.

They helped me to a hospital car. At the hospital the medical people said to me, "We cannot understand how you escaped from suffering harm in that accident!" They found I was not harmed in any way.

So I asked myself, "Why was I the only one that did not die in that accident? God must have saved my life from death for a purpose."

So I asked God, "Please show me how you wish me to live."