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Story told by Stephen Kagoda, Uganda

"You suffer from the AIDS sickness," the doctor turned to me and said as I lay there in hospital. I was shocked as he added, "The AIDS disease is at an advanced state. You cannot live very much longer."

"What am I to do?" I cried as I suffered the effects of AIDS.

I had much chest and head pain. I suffered continuous fever in my body. My skin was also continually painful. I could not stop going to the toilet. I suffered much pain in the joints of my body. People also said, "Stephen caused the death of his girlfriends. He gave them AIDS."

On my way home

So I told the doctor, "I want to go home to die."

But on my way home to die, someone spoke to me. They asked me, "Why not come with us to a meeting where God is healing people from their diseases."

So I decided to go with them. Now at the meeting they said, "If you want God to heal your body, you must first get your wrong-doing forgiven by God."

So I asked them to speak to God for me. They then asked God, "Please forgive Stephen's sin."

I also told God, "I believe Jesus Christ died as punishment for my wrong doings."

Now as this was happening, I felt something was happening in my body. Yes, I knew God was healing my body.