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"Why do some people possess more than their fair share of things?"

Do you ask "Why do I struggle with what I need"?

"If there is a God that cares, why does he allow this?"

Do you know that these rich people, who own more than their fair share of possessions, suffer from a real problem. And this problem limits the happiness they can enjoy. To experience real happiness, they need to know how to escape from the control of their selfish desires. But you should also know – all over the world many people are finding the answer to this problem.

People are saying, "I realise now why I was not happy".

"I asked God, please forgive me selfish wrong doings. Now when I did this God's spirit took control of my life, I found peace of mind and joy in living," they say.

Finding real happiness

Now a famous man called John Wesley said, "I found real happiness when I gave more than a tenth of my weekly income to people in need of help."

Yes, he decided to give nine tenths of his weekly income to meet the needs of other people. He realised how much happier he could be if he did this. So if you ask many Christian people, "Tell me why you seem to be so happy?" they will tell you, "I do what the Bible says. I give a tenth of my income to people who need my help. After that I also give offerings to them."

Then some Christian people will tell you, "I find as I give to people in need, God provides me with all that I need. God leads other Christians to help me."

Give to others

You see, the Bible says, "Give and it will be given to you."

So why miss really enjoying life today? Ask God, "Please forgive my sin and give me your spirit."

You will then find your desires are changed and you will enjoy living as never before.