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by David Okello, Uganda

"Go and shoot them!" they cried at me, "Or we will shoot you!"

You see, I had been caught by armed rebels that day. They put a gun into my hands. "Go and shoot the people in the village if you want to live," they said.

I was only 17 years old when this happened to me. So I went to the village and I took the people they told me to shoot, to a lonely place. But instead of shooting them, I fired my gun into the air. Then I let the people go.

As a baby, I had been left by my unmarried mother. She had fled into the Sudan. So I lived with my drunken father. But my grandfather was a Christian and he told me about God. "God can change your life," he told me.

I asked him to forgive me

So as a boy, I spoke to God in the way he told me. I asked God, "Please forgive my wrong doings. I am sorry for all I have done wrong. I believe Jesus Christ allowed those men to kill him as punishment for all my sin." Now when I did this, I realised God had given me the power of His Spirit. I could now refuse wrong desires. I found I now had a real concern to meet the needs of other people. I believed God would meet my needs as I did this.

I am now the Operations Manager of the Victory Centre School. We have 1500 orphans and destitute children in our care.