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Shobha Ram Sharma comes from Nagpur in India. He was born into a religious family and as a child visited many holy places in India. "I will throw myself under a train," I thought. "My life has no meaning or peace. I do not want to live." My family worshipped many idols. When I was a child, I learned to worship idols too. I went to the temple every day but I did not have peace in my mind.

No god

I studied the holy books of Eastern religions. I read in these books that man does many wrong things. I thought, "I will die because of my wrong doings," but I did not find any way of escape from them. So I told myself, "There is no god," and I became an atheist. I began to do many bad things which became bad habits that I could not stop. My bad habits did not help me. When I was alone I felt lost and my life had no meaning. Then one day in 1972, I decided to kill myself. I walked to the railway station to wait for a train to come so I could throw myself under the wheels.


At the railway station I met two young men.They gave me some papers. One of the young men said, "Read them, there is life for you". I looked at these papers — one of them said, "God wants to be your friend." As I read, I saw these words from the Bible: "God loved the world so very, very much that he gave his only son. Because he did that, everyone who believes in him will not lose his life, but will live for ever."

New life

After reading one paper seven times, I did not want to kill myself any more! I went home and read the second paper. It showed me how Jesus Christ came into the world to forgive our wrong doing. He died on a cross and was buried but after three days he rose from death. Now I can say, "Jesus Christ is the only living God." That day in 1972 God gave me a new life. I left all my bad habits behind me. Since then, I have had peace in my life and God helps me in everything I do.

Harsh words

I told my family what God had done for me. My father scolded me harshly and told me that now I could have no place in his house. He turned me out and warned me never to come to his door again. I suffered much but God was with me. He helped me in all these troubles. God helped me with this promise from the Bible, "The young lions sometimes go hungry but the people that go to God for help will have every good thing."