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by Paul Iaine, from Poland

A loud knock came on our front door that day. "You are arrested," the voice cried when I opened the door. Then I was taken to a death camp. This was during World War 2.

I was born in Poland. My parents were Jewish (making I too was Jewish). So that is why I was arrested and found myself in a death camp that day.

Each day in the camp, names would be read out. Now if your name was read out, you were then marched off to the death-room to be gassed. So each day I spoke to God. Each day I promised God, "If you get me out of this death camp alive, I will obey you for ever."

Then one day it happened. I heard my name called out. But then I found it difficult to believe what I heard them say. I heard, "You are free to leave this camp."

It was just like that! "We have lost your papers," they told me. "So you are free to go."

It was a miracle! I found it difficult to believe.

Miracles happen

Now many times after this, God must have blinded the eyes of the Gestapo (secret police). You see, they never realised my parents were Jewish. This was another miracle.

Then after the war, we went to Australia to live. It was there I remembered what I had promised God in that death camp. I was reminded that I had told God, "If you get me out of this death camp alive, I will obey you for ever."

At that time, I was with some friends, so we decided together, "We will study what the Christian New Testament says."

It was in this way we discovered something new. We realised that God wants to give us a change of nature. I said, "It seems God wants to give us the power of His Spirit so we can say 'no' to wrong desires."

So I asked God to change my life. Now I say, "Thank You for the way You have changed my life."

I now help other people to experience the power of God in their lives.