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There was once a farmer who grew maize and millet in his fields. He kept three dogs to guard the fields and protect his crops from damage by wild animals. One day, he was walking through the millet field with his dogs. They heard a crying noise like a baby. The dogs ran ahead and found a very young baby lion. It was no bigger than a cat, and crying for its mother. Its mother must have died,” the farmer thought, and took it back to his hut.

The family gave it the name 'Baby', and fed it with milk. As the lion cub grew, she played with the dogs and helped to guard the farm. She forgot her mother, and thought that she was a dog!

But one night, as the animals guarded the hut, they heard a loud animal call. It came from the other side of the river. The dogs were frightened and hid. But Baby listened carefully, then ran down to the river. On the other side was a wonderful large lion. Baby jumped into the river and swam across. She was beginning to understand that she was not a dog at all. She knew that she was made for a different, better life, with the King of the jungle. She understood that call, and was coming home.

© Flickr/Tambako