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True stories

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Mary Oliwu from Nigeria:

Great joy came into my life the night that I became a follower of Jesus. My big troubles were over, Jesus had won. God had done a miracle inside me. Now I am at peace with God.

M Bhutta from Pakistan:

The day my family and I became followers of Jesus, our lives changed completely. We are all very happy.

Namakau, in prison in Zambia:

I feel that my being in prison has made me closer to God. I have given my life to the Lord Jesus who is true.

Acharya from Nepal:

I bought a Bible so I could find out the mistakes in it, and then argue with the followers of Jesus. But as I read it, I did not see mistakes. I found the truth about the real God, who gave his life to bring forgiveness to all who have done wrong.

Muhereza from Uganda:

When I was very ill, I went to the local witch-doctors. They could not help me. After a long time of suffering, I became a follower of Jesus. Then, I found new life and healing.

Anne from Switzerland:

When I became a follower of Jesus, I realised that God’s Holy Spirit, who brought Jesus back to life, lives in me. Life is now worth living and I always want to follow Jesus.

Ute Hadaro from Ethiopia:

When my family became followers of Jesus, our lives changed dramatically.

Shakil from India:

When a snake was going to attack me, I asked God to save me. He heard my prayer. The snake went away and I went safely home. From that day, I felt that I had a new life. God has blessed me.