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“We can help your daughter to study in England. It will not cost you anything.” That is what someone may tell you. Or, “We will find you a good job in Europe. Then you can send money home to your family.” Never believe people who say such things. It isa trick. Many girls are taken away from home and sent to a sex house in England or other countries (or even a big town in their own country) where they must have sex with many men each day. The man who owns the sex house gets much money. But he tells the girl, “You write home and tell your parents that you are studying at college, or that you have a good job. Do not tell them the truth. Do not try to run away, or something terrible will happen to you.”

Many girls all over the world are tricked in this way. The people who trick them get a lot of money, but the girls do not get much money at all. They are forced to be sex slaves. This happens in most countries of the world. Sometimes it is not for sex but for hard work, and boys also are taken. Someone will promise a good job, and ask for money to arrange it. But then people are forced to work very hard for no pay, and are treated very badly. These ways of tricking people are called ‘human trafficking’. Do not let anyone trick you, your family and friends, or anyone in your community.

Let's think and act:

● How can we protect girls and women in our communities? What can you do, in your school, college, workplace, or town?

● How can we make safe places where victims can be helped, and train other women to help them?

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