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In October 2012, a very strong wind went through the Eastern Province of Cuba. It was the very worst sort of storm – a hurricane. These leave bad damage behind them. Hurricanes are always given a name. This one was called Sandy. It was a disaster for this whole part of Cuba. Julio tells what happened to him and his wife in Hurricane Sandy.

My worst day

I remember that day as the worst one of my life. My wife and I were at the university when the principal told us all to go home because a hurricane was coming.Rain started while we were waiting for a bus. At last an empty bus came and all the passengers got on as quickly as possible. It was still raining when we arrived home. We sat down in front of the television to watch the weather warnings.

The wind began

The strong wind began that night. My wife was very frightened and cried out to God to save us. As the wind became stronger, it damaged the electricity wires. All the lights went out. We both became more frightened, but I had a big trust in God that nothing bad would happen to us. We thought the wind was going to blow the roof off our house. My wife began to cry. “We must go to your mother’s house. It is stronger than ours,” she said. I tried to go out, but the wind was blowing so hard I could not open the door. My wife was still crying and calling to God to save us. I tried to comfort her, but there was nothing I could do. I just told her, “Don’t worry, God will not let anything bad happen to us. Trust him.”

Place of safety

At that moment the wind stopped. This was because we were right in the middle of the hurricane. This is called the ‘eye of the storm’, where for a short time there is peace and quiet from the wind. Everybody went out of their houses to see what had happened. I said to my wife, “Did you see? We are saved now, thank God.” The peace lasted for just 20 minutes. This gave us time to go to my mother’s house. Then it all started again. The wind was even stronger than before. But safe in my mother’s house, we slept until the morning. When I woke up the wind had gone. I went to see our own house. Half of the roof was blown off, but inside the house nothing was damaged. That day my wife and I realised that God will always help us when we ask him. Now we trust him completely, even when bad things happen to us. 

Another place of safety

Julio and his wife were saved in the terrible hurricane. They went to his mother’s house – a place of safety. But Julio also found another safe place. When he asked God to keep them safe, God heard and answered him. In the Bible, we read this promise, “Whoever goes to the Lord (to God) for safety, whoever remains under the protection of the Almighty … will be safe in his care.” *
Sometimes troubles come and we feel as if we are in a storm. God will help us in life’s storms. He will be our place of safety if we ask him, just as Julio did. Jesus came to our world to set us free from fear, shame and guilt.
* You can find these words in the part of the Bible called Psalms, in number 91 verses 1 and 4 Read them online: