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Anjali lives in India

I am Anjali from India and am 15 years old. I have no brothers or sisters. Life had always been good for our family, so we were surprised when my father became ill.

I was in my 10th grade at school. This was an important year for me as I had to do the government exams. After being ill for a few days, my father went to a doctor, who told him he had typhoid fever. My father took the medicine the doctor gave him. This should have made him well after a month. But, eight months later, my father was still ill. The pains he suffered were so bad that he would shout out in the night.

Too frightened to move

My mother and I were very worried and I could not concentrate on my studies. We were very sad to see my father sitting in his chair, frightened to move because of the pain. One day the pain was so bad that my father wanted to go and see the doctor again. But he had been to see him in the clinic many times and had no help. My mother begged him, “Please don’t go to the clinic again. We will pray and ask God to help us. He will show us what to do.” That night my father said, “I will go to the government hospital.” Before that time, he would not go to the government hospital because he thought his problem was too small. The doctors there sent my father to another special hospital. They knew his illness was very bad. The doctors at this special hospital told my father that he had spinal tuberculosis. They also told him that if he had not come that day, he would have been paralysed or even died. God had shown us what to do. My father had a very big operation on 1 March. The next day I had my first exam. It was very difficult for me to stay alone at home – I could not go to the hospital because I had to prepare for my exams. My father’s operation took five hours. The doctors said it was a big success. My mother phoned me to tell me the good news. I was very happy. I thanked God for all that happened. We prayed to God for help and he answered our prayers. If my father had gone to the clinic and not the hospital, no-one would have known how ill he was. I also asked God to help me do my exams well. He answered this prayer too. I passed all my exams with the best results. We are a happy family again now. I want to thank God again and again for the happiness and peace he has given us. I learned that God is the only one who can bring us such peace and happiness. Life without him is horrible.