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Chalman comes from Tripura State in India

I shook with fear

I want to tell you about the time when I was 16 and took my most important school exams. I was very worried about my exams because I was not good at maths. “I am sure I will fail,” I thought. As the time for the maths exam came nearer, I became more and more worried. I asked God to help me and I studied a lot too.

The day of the maths exam came. I was so worried and afraid that I shook with fear. As I sat in the exam room, I could feel my heart beating fast. The teacher gave out the exam papers. “This is it,” I thought. Then I said in my mind, “Jesus, help me!” At once my heart stopped beating so fast and I felt calm

It was as though Jesus was sitting beside me. I looked at the questions. They did not seem so difficult. When the result of the exam was given to me, I learned that I had the best result – an A grade. I thanked God for helping me while I was doing all my exams, and I know that he is helping me in every part of my life today.


Gammachis is a SOON reader from Ethiopia

The bus was out of control

Two years ago God saved me from death. That is why I am alive today. One Sunday, I was travelling by bus to Addis Ababa. It was hot in the bus and I soon fell asleep. Suddenly, I was woken by shouting. The bus was going from one side of the rocky road to the other. The driver could not control it.

Suddenly the bus was rolling over and over. It fell into a deep valley, crashing as it hit the bottom. Three people died in the accident and many were hurt. I climbed out of the bus. I did not have even one scratch on me. I knew that it was God who had saved me from death that day.


Wanyama Humphrey lives in Kenya

I was left to die

I want to tell you about some wonderful things God has done in my life. I was born in 1958 into a poor family. When I was seven years old, my parents became followers of Jesus. As I grew up, they taught me about Jesus. But, when I was a teenager, I turned away from all of this. I just wanted to rule my own life and please myself.

I went to university when I was 23 years old. A year later, the Kenya Air Force tried to take over our government. I was chosen to speak on the radio for all the students, in support of the Air Force. After this, some other students and I got onto two buses. As we drove through the city, government soldiers began shooting at the buses. Everyone else on our bus was killed. I was the only one still alive. I thought, “Why me? Have I been saved from death for a reason?”

I began to think about Jesus again, and what my parents had taught me about him. But then I just went on with my life of pleasing myself.

At midnight a cool wind blew over me. Suddenly the illness was gone. God had heard my cry to him and answered. I kept my promise to him. I became a follower of Jesus from that day. That was the beginning of my life following Jesus.

Now I want to tell you something God did for my son Donald. In 1989, he fell and his arm went into a pan of boiling milk. He was very badly scalded from his hand right up to his shoulder. We took him quickly to the hospital. After three weeks at the hospital, his arm began to rot. The doctors said that they would have to cut off his arm or his whole body would rot. I said, “Before you do that, I want to pray for him.”

As soon as I prayed, Donald’s arm was completely healed. There was no mark left from the scalding. God had done another miracle in my family. I know that he answers prayer and has the power to do wonderful things.