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by Rajubabu from India

I was born in a small village in India. My family were all idol worshippers. We always went together to the temple and followed the traditions of our religion. One time, I became very ill. We had no money for medicines and we could not pay to see a doctor. So my family carried me to the temple. We gave gifts to the idols, hoping that they would heal me of my illness. But I did not get any better.

We did not want to listen

One day a man came to our village. He was a follower of Jesus. Many times he came to our house to tell us about Jesus Christ. At first, we did not let him talk about Jesus, but he just kept on coming. I was still very ill. He told us that Jesus can heal our illnesses. The man prayed (talked) to God, asking him to heal me. By this time, we were so worried about my illness that we did not stop him. In fact, that day, we began to listen to the other things he was saying. The man told us that God wants to do much more for us than heal our illnesses. He wants us to know and love him. He said that it is wrong to worship idols – we should worship only the God who made us. God loves us so much that he sent Jesus into the world. Jesus showed us how much God loves us, by being killed to take the punishment for our wrong-doing (that punishment is death). Jesus died the death of a criminal, and was put in a tomb. Then, three days later, he came alive again. Now Jesus is alive in heaven. Anyone who turns away from worshipping idols and all the wrong things they have done, will know his forgiveness. They can have a new life following Jesus and find God’s peace and love.

I called out to God

Little by little, I began to understand what the man was saying. Then he gave me a book to read called ‘You can be healed’. I read it carefully. As I read, I found I was full of peace inside. One day I called out to God with tears in my eyes. “I have done wrong because I worshipped idols,” I said,“Please forgive me.”I know God forgave me, but more than that, he healed me! That night, I saw a vision of Jesus. He told me to tell other people about him, so that they too can find the peace he gives to all who follow him. That is what I want all SOON readers to know.