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This true story happened to Sisay from Ethiopia

Near the house where I grew up with my sister Mekdi and our mother, there is a mountain called ‘Bosset’. There are many dangerous animals living on the mountain, such as hyenas and cobra snakes. Because we were poor, our house was small and we did not have a compound around it. Not many people lived near us.

A noise in the night

One night, when I was seven years old, my mother woke up. It was 4.30am. She had heard a noise outside. It came from the house of a neighbour. In her hurry to find out what the noise was, my mother left our door open. My sister and I were asleep inside the house. She reached the neighbour’s compound. There was a big hyena coming slowly towards her. My mother was not afraid. She threw stones at the hyena. Suddenly it ran towards her. My mother screamed loudly to us, “Mekdi, Sisay, shut the door, shut the door!” But we were not quick enough. The hyena ran into our house. My mother followed, screaming to us, “Out of here, run, run! Mekdi run! Sisay, run out of here!” The hyena turned to my mother and bit her leg. She fell down. My sister ran out of the house, but I stood in the corner. I did not know what to do.

Alone in the house with the hyena 

My mother was crying very much. She was badly hurt, but she managed to get away from the hyena and out of the house. Then the hyena turned on me. I  started to run, but I fell over. All at once, the light went out. Then the door shut by itself. It was very dark. I was alone, inside the house with the hyena. It began to attack me, biting the side of my face and my shoulder. Suddenly, there were a lot of people around our home, ready to kill the hyena. One man shouted, “The little one must be dead! He cannot still be alive.” Someone opened the door and the hyena ran away. I was able to call out, “I am here! I am alive!” Everyone was very surprised. They took my mother and me to hospital. We needed a lot of help from the doctors. A few years later, my family and I became followers of Jesus. Now I know it was God who saved my life and the lives of my mother and sister that day.