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Bright from Ghana stole many things, then learnt that God loves him.

When I was at school, I was not a good person. I did many things that were wrong. I said bad things about other people, stole from them and did not obey any rules. I was bad at school and at home. I did not respect anyone, not even my parents. I laughed at people who were disabled. Whenever I was at the market, I was rude to the people there. Everyone said I was a bad boy. When I moved to Senior High School, I found some new friends. They were followers of Jesus. They told me about Jesus Christ and how he can change our lives right around. I did not listen to them. I did not believe that anyone could change, especially me.

One morning, I was on my own in our dormitory. My friends were at a Christian meeting. I knew they would not be back for some time. A voice inside me said, “Take money from your friends’ trunks.” There I was, alone in the room. My friends’ money was only a few meters away from me. It was a very big temptation. I knew that all my friends kept their money in their trunks. I broke the lock of the first trunk and opened it. On the top was a Bible. I picked it up and opened it. The first words I read were, “Do not steal.” * I was so surprised that I turned to another page to find something different. But there it was again, “Neither shall you steal!” I was so shocked, I could not speak. For the first time in my life, I felt ashamed of all the bad things I had done.

My friends came back

That was how my friends found me when they returned. They had never seen me like this before. They felt sorry for me. When they saw the trunk broken open, they asked me what had happened, but I could not speak. They began to pray for me. Immediately I started to talk. I told them what I had done. My friends told me that God loved me, even though I had done many bad things. They explained how Jesus Christ came into the world to die, to take the punishment for all our wrong doing.

So I could ask God to forgive me and turn my life around. I realised that the words I read in the Bible were God’s words for me that day. God loved me enough to speak to me! God forgave me and so did my friends. He also took away my feelings of shame. That is how I became a follower of Jesus.