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M. Varghese lives in India. He tells about the accident that changed his whole life.

It happened just after I finished my studies as a student at Madras University. I travelled to Chennai (Madras) by train to get my exam results. I needed to know if I had good marks, so that I could go to an engineering college for more studies. When I arrived in Chennai, my results could not be found. I felt very sad, thinking I was a failure. Discouraged, I went home on the train.

I did not know the danger

Early in the morning, I got off the train. I was very tired, so I sat down next to four wooden posts by the road, which held up a big transformer. Soon I was asleep, with my bag of clothes and a small amount of money beside me. Suddenly a man dressed in white shook me, trying to wake me up. “Get up and go away from here as fast as you can, you are in danger!” the man said. “Go! Go at once!” I looked around me, but he had disappeared.

I picked up my bag and walked away quickly. A few seconds later, a lorry hit the transformer. There was a very big explosion. Flames jumped into the sky, lighting the whole area. I looked back and saw the lorry on fire with the driver inside. Shocked and very frightened, I ran away as fast as I could.

I was accepted

The first place I reached was the school where I used to study. When I found the head teacher, I was trembling all over. I told him what had happened. He said, “My dear boy, God saved you. We must thank him.” After we had thanked God for my escape from death, the teacher said, “You will live long and be good to your family and friends.” But, more than that, he sent a very good report about me to the engineering college. I was accepted into that college, even though they did not know my results from Madras University. I did not know who the man in white was, the one that warned me of danger, but my head teacher knew. “It was Jesus who came to you,” he said. What happened to me that day changed my whole life. I realised that God loved me and saved me from terrible trouble. The head teacher’s words came true. I have lived a long time. The story I have just told you happened long ago, in 1947! I never saw my head teacher after that, but I beganto follow Jesus that day and he has been my faithful friend for all these years.