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When Nasiche from Uganda was 14 years old, her father dedicated her to bad spirits. She tells her story:

Witch-doctors told my father that he would get rich. He let them do their bad spirit practices on me. My
father thought I would be able to perform magic for him and earn him money. But instead, I lost my senses and became mad. My father did not get the money he hoped for. Instead, he spent all that he had to try and make me well again. My mother took me to other witch-doctors. But they did nothing to help me. At last she took me to a hospital for people whose minds are ill. I found no help there either. It seemed that no-one could make me well. My mind and body were suffering and no-one could do anything for me.

I had never heard

Then one day, I met some followers of Jesus.I had never heard of Jesus Christ or the Bible. But I listened to what these people had to tell me. I realised that Jesus was the only one who could free me from my prison of illnessand the trouble in my mind. I asked Jesus to set me free and be my friend. Immediately Jesus cleared my mind. I found freedom and peace, but most of all, God has shown me his deep love. These were all gifts from God – his riches given to me. Now I want to tell everyone that Jesus is alive today. He has the power to heal and to save us from the prison of fear, shame and wrong doing.