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Medicines and pills can help us when we are ill. But there are also many strong drugs that only do us harm. Some of these are tablets, some need to be given through a needle, others are smoked. Many countries have laws which say we must not take strong drugs, so they can only be bought illegally and cost a lot of money.  When people take these drugs, often they cannot stop taking them – they become addicted. Then they may steal money to pay for them. One wrong action (taking strong drugs) leads to another (stealing). When a person uses drugs, it can make him feel good at first. But later he may feel ill or bad in his mind. If he keeps on using them, his mind and other parts of his body will be damaged.

Ababio from Ghana tells what happened to him when he used a strong drug just once:

“I thought I was going mad”

I had a friend who smoked the drug marijuana (sometimes called weed). He wanted me to buy some. I thought, “This looks good.” I bought some, went to an empty house where no-one could find me, and smoked it. At once, I felt as though I was going mad. I shook my head three times to try to get rid of this mad feeling. Then I went home and slept for a long time. When I woke up, I felt better. I talked to God (prayed) and asked him to help me. I never want to use strong drugs again and with God’s help I will be strong enough to say “no”.

It is difficult to stop

When a person is addicted to drugs, it is very difficult to stop. His body needs the drug, even though it is doing him harm. It is not easy and people may need help from a doctor or a place that helps people escape drugs. God will help too, but the person who is addicted needs to ask him. The Bible tells us that God will never turn away anyone who comes to him.* This means that we can turn to God and pray to him, even if we have done things that are very wrong. God loves us whatever we have done, and wants us to ask him to forgive us for all our wrong doings. He will be our friend and helper.

* You can read these words in the part of the Bible called the Gospel of John, chapter 6, verse 37