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My blanket was heavy

My name is Eunice and I come from Zambia. My first job as a teacher was in a very remote part of Zambia. I shared a house with my sister. The house had just one room, with no window and a hole under the door. I slept on the only bed, which had no mattress. My sister slept on a mat on the floor.

 A noise in the night

One night I heard a noise. It sounded like something crawling along the ground. But I thought, "It is my sister's deep breathing." I went back to sleep and did not think about it any more. Later in the night I woke again. I was cold because part of my blanket had fallen under my bed. I kept trying to pull it back over me, but it felt too heavy to move. I left it where it was. In the morning I slept late. I had to hurry to get to work, so I did not have time to tidy my bed. Later, when my sister came home from work, she wanted to change her shoes. She saw something black under my bed which she thought were her shoes. She bent down to pick them up, but it was not her shoes that she touched. It was a big cobra. It came out from under the bed and rose up off the ground with its flat neck in front of her.

Not easily killed

My sister shouted for help. All the teachers came running to our house. It was a long time before they killed the cobra. It made me think, "If I had pulled the blanket over me in the night, the cobra might have bitten me with its poisonous bite. I would have died. My sister might have been killed too." I realised God had been with us. He had saved us from the cobra.

I was freed from a family curse

My name is Belachew from the Southern Region of Ethiopia. Between 1992 and 2004 I had two big problems. I had no job and I was worried because I was not married. I felt very bitter. I was ashamed that I did not have a job. I had done well in my studies to be a teacher, but there was no hope of getting work. With no work I could not get married. It was the worst time of my life. One day some older men told me, "The problem is not your own, but it comes from your family. A big curse has been put on your family." I had heard nothing about this before.

How can I be free?

I asked myself, "How can I be free from this curse? Who can help me?" I cried and cried day and night. I wanted to die. I looked again for work, going from town to town, but found nothing. At last I found the answer to my questions. In the year 2004, Jesus Christ set me free from the curse that had been put on my family. This is how it happened. One day I learned that in Bible, Jesus says, "If the son (Jesus) sets you free, then you will be really free."

I asked Jesus to set me free from the curse and also from the shame of having no job or marriage. Now I have a job as a teacher and a good happy marriage. Jesus Christ has done this for me. I am no longer bitter about life because Jesus has changed everything for me.