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Shadrack is a SOON reader from Kenya

 One day I went fishing on Lake Victoria with three friends from my village. We were out in the middle of the lake, when suddenly a strong wind hit the side of the boat. It turned over. All of us were thrown into the water.

I realised that I was in danger of drowning. I called out, "God, help me." After this my friends and I were able to reach the boat and we held on to it. It was then that I remembered a story in the SOON paper, telling us that we should pray wherever we are, and ask God for help. There, in the middle of the storm, I asked God to make the wind calm down. At once the wind stopped and we were rescued. God had answered my prayer!

 The storm nearly drowned them

There is also a story* in the Bible about a boat blown by a very strong wind One night Jesus Christ and his friends were crossing Lake Galilee in a fishing boat. The lake is so big, people also call it the Sea of Galilee. Jesus and his friends were in the middle of the lake when there was suddenly a very strong wind. It blew big waves over the side of the boat, which began to fill with water. Jesus' friends were very frightened, but Jesus was asleep. They woke him up and shouted, "Save us! We are all going to die!"

Jesus stood up in the boat and told the wind and the big waves to stop. At once the water on the lake was still and the wind stopped blowing. Everything became calm. Jesus' friends were very surprised. "Who is this man? Even the wind and waves do what he tells them." That day, Jesus' friends learned that he was more than a man. Later, they saw him again after he had been killed and when he came back to life. He had shown his power over the wind and waves. By coming alive again, he showed his power over death itself. Now he is alive for ever and we can also live for ever, if we follow Jesus. One day we can be with him in his wonderful home in heaven.