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This story was sent to us by Solomon Agyei from Ghana. It is a parable (a story with a meaning).

Blind Man and Lame Man lived together in a hut. All the people in their area were hungry because there was very little food. The two men were also very hungry.

Monkeys in the trees

One day, as they sat in their hut, Lame Man saw some monkeys outside. He thought of monkey stew, but then he groaned. "What is the matter with you, friend? Are you ill?" asked Blind Man. "I am well," Lame Man answered, "But very hungry. If only I could walk, I would shoot a monkey and cook a good stew for us to eat." Blind Man laughed. "I only laugh so that I will not cry. I am hungry too, but there are no animals to shoot in the bush. The hunters go out every day and find nothing. Where would you find a monkey?" "There are some outside," said Lame Man. "I am not blind like you. I can see them." "Then climb onto my shoulders and tell me where to walk and when to stop. I will carry you and your gun to shoot a monkey," said Blind Man.

Monkey stew

 Lame Man climbed onto Blind Man's shoulders and told him where to go. He saw the monkeys in a tree ... Bang! ... Lame Man fired the gun and a monkey fell from the tree. The other monkeys quickly ran away. The two men carried the game inside. Lame Man built a fire and began to make the stew. As he stirred the stew in the pot, Blind Man kept on asking, "Is it ready?" Each time, Lame Man answered, "Not yet." But because he was so hungry, he kept tasting the stew. He took big mouthfuls. Before long there was no monkey meat left, just bones and weak soup.

 The men argued

At last when Blind Man asked, "Is it ready yet?" the answer was, "Yes, it is ready." Lame Man gave Blind Man a bowl full of bones and weak soup. "What is this? Bones? You bad man! You knew I could not see what you were doing. You have eaten all the monkey meat! I did what I could to catch the monkey. Without my legs you could not have shot it. Now I should have as much of the meat as you." Lame Man said, "I saw the game. I shot it. I cooked it. I have done most of the work, so I should have more food." The two men argued for a long time. The people passing by heard them, but they could not say which of the men was right.